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  • Thanks to our pool of suppliers in Central America, the Caribbean, South America and Europe, we offer access to a wide variety of fresh products all year round.

  • Avocados

    The AVOCADO, Available all year round...

    MexicoORIGIN :
    12 to 84
    14x5, 14x6, 21x6, 21x4

    Grown mainly in Mexico, our avocados are shipped to Montreal by truck in just a few days, guaranteeing absolute freshness.

  • Red Mangos

    The Red MANGO, Available all year round...

    Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Dominican RepublicORIGIN :
    Tommy, Kent, Haden,
    Keitt, Palmer, and more
    5 to 14
    bags (nets)

    Grown mainly in Central and South America, the red mangoes are transported to Canada by boat, plane or truck in optimal conditions to maximize freshness.

    Central and South America
  • Ataulfo Mangos

    The Ataulfo MANGO, Available all year round...

    Mexico, Brazil,
    Ecuador and Peru
    ORIGIN :
    12 to 22

    Grown mainly in Central and South America, the ataulfo mango (also called honey mango) is shipped to Canada by boat, plane or truck in optimal conditions to maximize freshness.

    Central and South America
  • Papayas

    The PAPAYA, Available all year round...

    Costa Rica, Mexico and GuatemalaORIGIN :
    8 to 14CALIBER :

    We have developed partnerships with the largest producers in Costa Rica to offer fresh papayas year round

    San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Bell Peppers

    The BELL PEPPER, Available all year round...

    Canada, Mexico, Spain, Belgium and HollandORIGIN :
    Red, yellow, orange
    and rainbow (3 colors package)

    Whether they are imported from Europe, Central America, or from local partners, our peppers are carefully selected to maximize their quality and freshness..

    Mexico, Europe, Canada
  • Limes

    The LIME, Available all year round...

    Mexico and BrazilORIGIN :
    48 to 250, bags (nets)
    18X1lbs, 10X1lbs, 10X2lbs, 18X5unit

    Our limes are carefully harvested at the right stage of ripeness and transported in the best conditions to guarantee their superior quality.

    Mexico, Brazil

Superior products

Many of our imports are certified organic, for all types of imported fruits and vegetables. We offer a wide variety of exotic products, a large selection of sizes and varieties and a diversity of production methods: conventional, organic and greenhouse.

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Specialized in the packaging and sorting of products, Fruigor offers the possibility to repackage your products according to your customers' needs. We offer, among other things, a 2kg box format, which is very popular with consumers.

We have flexible and efficient equipment to net fruits and vegetables.

With our experienced staff and our refrigerated facilities, we can receive your skids and containers in order to inspect and sort them. A report will be issued to you, with photos and the results of the work done.

We have ripening rooms in order to deliver our products to the degree of ripeness required by our customers.


We can unload and load your containers to meet your temporary storage needs. We will adapt the temperatures of our refrigerated rooms according to your needs.

Fruigor : the company

Harvest the fruits of our experience

For over 25 years, Fruigor has been a strategic partner of choice for food retailers in Canada. With its extensive network of suppliers and its expertise in logistics, Fruigor ensures that its customers receive a fresh product of superior quality, which makes consumers happy. Our fruits and vegetables are carefully inspected and stored in optimal conditions. Our employees are trained and ensure a rigorous quality control on all arrivals. We do it with passion and care.

In 2021, Fruigor began a major digital shift to optimize administrative and operational management. 2022 represents a major milestone with the addition of 15,000 sq. ft. of storage and processing space.

Massive investments are made to manage continued growth and to ensure a cost effective structure for our customers. A new modern visual identity is also being implemented.

  • Quality & Freshness

    From our warehouse ideally located in Anjou, we deliver the merchandise to our client-partners. We cover the entire Canadian territory. Fruigor is a strategic partner of choice for chain stores and distributors who care about the quality and freshness of the products offered to consumers.

  • Ready-to-eat

    Thanks to our maturation process and our ripening facilities, we offer "ready-to-eat" products able to seduce the most selective consumers.

  • Reliability and efficiency

    Our light and flexible administrative structure allows us to meet the needs of our most demanding clients with a view to long-lasting business relationships.

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Frédéric Subtil

Laurent Nadeau
Vice President, Sales,
marketing and subcontracting

Martin Montpetit
Major Accounts Manager

Richardson Aladin
Local Sales

Ludovic Bucquet
Vice President Operations

Benjamin Subtil

Simon Gadbois, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

David Arenas
Supervisor - Quality and Inventory

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